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Electrical engineer using digital multi-meter measuring equipment to checking electric cur

Top-notch Electrical Safety Services in Prince George and Surrounding Areas

At Northern Electric, we assume it to be our noble duty to provide comprehensive electrical safety services in Prince George, Alberta, and Northern BC. From a reliable electrical distribution system to qualify wiring upgrades and more, protecting people, assets, and the planet requires you to re-evaluate your property for electrical quality and safety regularly.

Our electricians can conduct an in-depth inspection of your home, business, or industrial premise and recommend necessary upgrades to prevent electrical faults and potential accidents. You can count on us to also offer an upfront estimate specifying the expected cost and timeframe required to complete all the approved upgrades and installations. Trust our team to always provide honest advice and complete information to help you stay ahead of your electrical quality and safety upgrade requirements.

Residential Safety and Security

You might not be aware of the lingering threat of electrical fires, electrocution, or electric shock injuries in your home with compromised electrical safety. In fact, the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates an average of 104,500 (unintentional, electrical, residential structure) fires causing deaths, injuries, and property loss every year. Northern Electric can easily detect faulty wires or appliances, putting homeowners at risk of electrical fires and electric shocks. Also, your every service call with us includes a complimentary safety checkup wherein we can implement necessary electrical safety and security to prevent electrical hazards. Call us if you need help with:

  • Surge protection

  • AFCIs/ GFCIs

  • Generator installation and maintenance

  • Motion sensors

  • Wiring upgrades

  • Smoke detectors

  • Carbon monoxide detectors

  • Transfer switches

  • Dedicated circuits

Attaching a smoke alarm to the ceiling
Electrician mounts a diode lighting strip in the ceiling of an office

Commercial Safety and Security

Knowledge can help businesses prevent a looming electrical accident and save lives. For instance, spotting the early signs of an overloaded electrical circuit or how to check ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets can help you avoid electrocution and electrical fires. The Bureau of Labour Statistics recorded that nearly 5% of total on-the-job fatalities were due to electrocution in 1999, and many of them could have been prevented with the right safety measures. Take a proactive step toward protecting your employees and your business and preventing lawsuits by calling our electricians for a safety checkup. Moreover, our complimentary safety checkup is also offered with all general electrical services, like:

  • Hi-tech troubleshooting

  • Dedicated computer circuitry

  • Generator installation and maintenance

  • Code updates and corrections

  • Wiring upgrades

  • Transfer switches

  • Specialty receptacles

  • Electrical safety inspections

  • Shock and fire prevention-AFCIs-GFCIs

  • Electrical panel upgrades

  • Landscape, security, and parking lot lighting

Industrial Safety and Security

Our company as well as industrial electrical services prove to be a safe investment for many reasons. The electrical solutions and labour offered always match our high customer service standards, which involves honouring deadlines and offering unmatched price quotes. All products and services we provide are approved through our strict quality control, which stays vigilant to immediately single out non-compliant products. Our electricians undergo recurring training to keep up with the latest technological and industrial developments. We are proud of our stellar track record in Northern BC for serving the electrical safety and security needs of industrial customers. Our team offers:

  • Products and services approved through strict quality control

  • Detection and replacement of non-compliant products

  • Solutions based on the latest technological and industrial developments

professional technician engineer working to control electrical power and safety service


Electrocution and electrical disasters can be prevented by timely addressing electrical safety risks.

Installation of electrical boxes, the electrician mounts the electrical wiring inside the building
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