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Control 4 Home Automation Solutions in Prince George and Surrounding Areas

Your home might not be built smart, but Control 4 home automation solutions in Prince George give you the opportunity to make smart upgrades to your home to suit your lifestyle. Northern Electric is your source to customize automation solutions around your comfort, safety, security, and the simple fun of living in your home.  Our Control 4 licensed Electrician can not only assist in design, but provide service to your existing system.   As a commercial electrical contractor, we can also assist in automating any business for efficiency.

What Is a Smart Home?

Although our day-to-day life involves a myriad of smart products, a smart home is established when these devices are automated to work in perfect synchronization to meet your needs.


The automation solutions by Control 4 can establish the coordinated operation of selected or all the technology in your home, creating complete, brilliant experiences. These automated interactions among appliances will not only fit your lifestyle but also be enjoyable for your family.


One touch will allow you to adjust the lighting, set your thermostat, turn on music, lock your garage doors, and arm the security system.


You will also be able to check in and control appliances remotely from your smartphone. This type of smart living will certainly unlock new possibilities for you and your family.

Automation Possibilities with Control 4

Control all technology in your home anytime and from anywhere.


Imagine walking into the house or a room and your HVAC kicking into operation right away to create a soothing atmosphere just as you like it. You can realize this dream by integrating the Control 4® automation system with your existing thermostat, HVAC, forced air, dual fuel, radiant flooring, and geothermal systems. With a tap on your smartphone, you can access the climate settings of your thermostat and adjust temperature and humidity, and the automation system will remember your preferences.

Climate control.jpg

Outdoor Control

The comfort and convenience of a Control 4 home automation system isn’t limited to your indoors but extends to your outdoors. Through the same Control 4® application, you can switch on outdoor lighting, start the heat in your pool or spa, and easily set the temperature. Sprinklers and other lawn systems can also be automated to function according to weather conditions.

Video Intercom

Check on your kids in the playroom, talk to the person at the door, or quickly gather your family for lunch through a smart video intercom. This system is powered by a high connection speed, top-quality audio, and high-definition video clarity. Replacing your ordinary doorbell with a stylish and smart door station will allow you to view your visitors from the comfort of your couch. Upon recognizing the visitor, the same interface gives you the accessibility to unlock the door to let the person into your property.

blonde woman hangs up the phone after answering the intercom call in her apartment


Choose Control 4 smart home technology to enhance the comfort, value, and security of your property.

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