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Interior of large warehouse industrial building with parked forklifts, shipping containers

Comprehensive Electrical Services for Industries in and Around Prince George

Our team at Northern Electric is very talented and versatile. With years of experience backing us, we have the confidence to complete your industrial job with complete sincerity and skillfulness. We offer competitive prices on our array of electrical services for industries in Prince George, Alberta, and Northern BC. Our team understands the need for quick turnaround time, accountability for responsiveness, minimal downtime, and production optimization. This has helped us provide our clients with exceptional services at all times.

Northern Electric is experienced in the industrial sector and is committed to minimizing production downtime. Our team is equipped to offer electrical upgrades and improvements, specialty lighting, and electrical safety and security solutions. Let's connect to discuss how our personalized electrical solutions can benefit your industrial facility.


Upgrades and Improvements


Electrical code upgrades and improvements in your industrial space can greatly improve productivity and efficiency. At the same time, your industry will benefit from the reduced possibility of downtime as you operate using up-to-date electrical code. Contact us for:

  • Motor and process control designs, installations, and upgrades

  • Power distribution systems, overhaul upgrades

  • Transformers

  • Electrical planning and construction consultation services

  • Telecommunications (i.e. RJ11)

  • Data wiring design and installation (CAT 5e, CAT 6, Fibre, etc.)

  • HVAC installations and upgrades

  • Power control, transfer, and distribution panels

  • Control systems

  • Emergency backup power generator installation and services

View of a technician working on an industrial equipment
Professional Heavy Industry Engineer_Worker Wearing Safety Uniform and Hard Hat Uses Table

Specialty Lighting

Our design and installation services present a range of customized choices for an innovative and economical lighting solution for your industry. Our design and installation of plant lighting systems include metal halide, HPS, fluorescent and emergency lighting. Northern Electric has always focused on being a budget-friendly provider of quality lighting installations to our industrial customers. We offer complete solution services spanning from electrical design to installation and extend to emergency maintenance and repair. These include:

  • Security lighting

  • Staff parking lot lights

  • Perimeter lighting

  • Ballast and bulb replacement

  • Custom lighting design

Safety and Security

Making every industrial facility safe and secure is what we do at Northern Electric. We work with every industrial client to help them consider all the important upgrades to protect their employees, facility, and property. For this reason, we focus on making all the key information and knowledge on electrical safety available to help our customers make important decisions. Seek our help for:

  • Products and services approved through strict quality control

  • Detection and replacement of non-compliant products

  • Solutions based on the latest technological and industrial developments

Back view of a technician checking the control panel in an industrial building
View of fluorescent commercial lights

Energy Savings

Energy saving is crucial in large industrial settings, especially during trying economic times. It can encourage productivity and be efficient, economical, and functional in day-to-day operations. With Northern Electric, you can experience the joys of running your facility in the “green” by revolutionizing it with the most current energy-saving equipment and lighting solutions. We offer:

  • Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs)

  • Light emitting diodes (LEDs)

  • High-intensity discharge (HIDs)

  • Fluorescent commercial lights (FCLs)


We specialize in optimizing operational efficiency with electrical solutions built around your industry’s unique situation.

View of technicians working on an industrial motor control panel
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