Recessed Lighting

Do you want to update home in an inexpensive way that will create a fresh and elegant atmosphere? Then call Northern Electric to have recessed lighting installed today!


Recessed lighting adds an element of classy style and function by highlighting working areas, artwork, cabinets, drapery, architecture and decor.  In addition, recessed lighting creates clean ceiling lines that open up a room and make it feel more spacious.  Get the refined ambiance you have been waiting for with new recessed lighting in your business.  Whether you want recessed lighting on flat or sloped ceilings or in boardrooms, offices or entry ways, Northern Electric has you covered.  Give us a call today for an appointment in your area!


There are many different kinds of recessed lights with various different kinds of housing units, functions and rims. In addition, there are a variety of sizes varying from 4 to 6 inches in diameter to suit the size and depth of your space.



Find out what type of recessed lighting is right for you.

  • Incandescent – These lights are great for general lighting.  They are commonly known as “A” bulbs and are relatively inexpensive.


  • Energy Star® – These lights help to save you money because they reduce energy consumption. Energy Star® lights not only help protect the environment, they use 75% less energy and last ten times as long as regular lights.


  • Fluorescent  – These lights are ideal for office and commercial settings.  Fluorescent lights provide reduced glare and increased operating efficiency.


  • Line Voltage – Line voltage lights are less expensive to purchase, but they do not run as efficiently as low voltage lights.  In addition you can use regular dimmers instead of special dimmers with line voltage lights.


  • Low Voltage Halogen – Low voltage bulbs have a longer life and can put out more light with less energy than incandescent bulbs, but these require special housing and the use of transformers.


  • Standard Halogen – These lights offer a bright white light that is available in two separate styles:  flood and spotlight.


  • Fire Barrier Housing – This is a great way to meet fire codes with recessed lighting.  This housing box surrounds the light and helps maintain and control heat exposure from a fire.


  • Multiple Recessed Spots – Provide a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing alternative to track lighting.  These lights are available two to four spot arrangements


  • Swivel Lighting – These lights can be re-positioned to highlight different areas.  Use swivel lights for task lighting or accentuating artwork and architecture.


  • Down Lighting – These lights focus straight down and are often used to light up rooms.  For the best effect the area illuminated by each down light should overlap.


  • LED Swivel Lighting – LED Lights run very efficiently, are long lasting and do not heat up like other bulbs.


Note:  When choosing fixtures make sure that they are rated for use near insulation if they are being installed near installation.  Look for the IC house rating.


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