Specialty Lighting


When you have proper lighting in an industrial setting less accidents will happen therefore increasing the safety of your facility. Whatever your lighting needs Northern Electric will handle any task your facility will require both with professionalism and safety.


Security Lighting

Making sure your facility is safe and secure can be done even with the right lighting needs.


  1. Staff Parking lot lights: peace of mind for your employees heading to their vehicles at night.
  2. Perimeter Lighting: Security is better seen not heard.


Ballast and Bulb Replacement

With this type of maintenance fire safety is a concern. Know that Northern Electric is there to make sure it is done with the utmost safety of your facility in mind.


Custom Lighting Design

We can design a lighting solution that will suit your facility where mood is not a concern and safety is.


Call Northern Electric today and one of our fully trained technicians can respond to your needs.