Systems Upgrades

Upgrades and improvements not only increase the value, status and safety of your  business, they help you save money and energy while increasing your property’s safety and security.  No matter what kind of electrical upgrades and improvements you need, Northern Electric will take care of you.


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Transform Your Space

Simply upgrading and improving the light fixtures in your home can turn an otherwise dark and dull room into a bright, warm and inviting place.


Conserve Energy & Save Money

Northern Electric can upgrade your home with clean, efficient, renewable energy solutions.  You can help the environment while saving money on your electric bill.


Increase Security

Lighting is a great way to help keep you and your family safe and secure.  With time controlled lighting, motion sensors and dimmers you can deter crime and light up your home how and when you want.


Increase Safety

At every visit Northern Electric performs a complimentary safety checkup.  In addition, Northern Electric helps keep your home safe with electrical panel upgrades, code corrections, shock prevention devices and more.


Get Professional Installation and Maintenance

Maintain your homes electrical safety by having a professional electrician install your appliances, fans, water heaters, hot tubs, saunas, or other electrical devices.  Call Northern Electric for expert installation and reliable maintenance. Create a beautiful, energy efficient and safe home with upgrades and improvements by Northern Electric.


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