Code Updates / Corrections

Northern Electric provides comprehensive and professional electrical code inspections.  Our first priority is the safety of you and your employees; this is why we provide a complimentary Northern Electric Safety Checkup with every service call. Our qualified electricians will check your building’s electrical system against the most up-to-date electrical codes and make all the necessary upgrades while on site.  It is our goal at Northern Electric to prevent electrical hazards and promote proper functioning of your entire electrical system.  We suggest fixing all electrical code violations as soon as possible to protect your employee’s from fire hazards and electrical shock.


Making sure that your business is in accordance with all current electrical codes and is operating in top notch condition will help keep you and your company safe.


The Electrical Safety Foundation International reports that electricity ranks sixth among all the causes of occupational fatalities.


Call Northern Electric to get professional electrical code violations corrected today.  We will be happy to make all the necessary updates to help keep you and your company safe.


New Code Update Alert:

One of the newest codes to be updated involves ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).  This code requires that all bathroom receptacles and all kitchen/break room receptacles servicing counter-top surfaces must have ground fault circuit interrupters to protect against electrocution.  Electrical regulations are set by local city, provincial or national legislation.