Surge Protection

Think what just one lightning-induced power surge could cost your business:

  • Missed sales
  • Expensive damage to electric motor-driven equipment
  • Employee downtime
  • Lost perishables
  • Customer inconvenience


Commercial Surge Protection from Northern Electric is an easy, affordable way to protect your business from this very real threat. With the services we provide, you can keep your doors open and your sales and customer satisfaction high.


An Effective Defense

Our commercial surge solutions includes a proactive device(s) that creates a defense between powerful lightning-induced and related surges and your electric motor-driven equipment or resistance heating appliances. Our device(s) do not limit normal electrical flow, but it does provide a clamping, or limiting, action in case of a voltage surge preventing damage to critical equipment like:


  • HVAC compressors
  • Refrigerator and freezer compressors
  • Cooking equipment
  • Gasoline pump motors
  • Healthcare-related equipment and more


Note – This solution is designed exclusively to protect electrical motor-driven equipment, resistance heating elements and the electronic circuit boards associated with the specific piece of equipment. To further safeguard your sensitive electronics, such as computers and copiers, be sure to place an additional surge protector at each point of use.


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