Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

Read about some of our commercial ENERGY SAVING options below:


Solar Energy Systems

As energy costs continue to increase, it is no wonder that thousands are making the decision to convert to solar powered electricity.  Not only does solar power lower your energy costs, it helps the environment.  Make the smart choice by choosing solar power today and start on the road to reliable, clean and efficient energy.  Call Northern Electric to determine what type of solar power will work best for your business.


What is solar energy & how can it work for me?

Solar energy is harnessed by capturing the sun’s heat or light.  Electricity is produced by the solar panel’s solar cells to provide heat and electricity.  This process is known as photo-voltaic.  Solar panels are easily integrated into any building’s construction and can be designed to fit each business’s construction and electrical requirements.  You can use solar energy to provide electricity to your business in three different ways:  stand-alone, grid-connected and back-up.


Stand-alone system

This type of system is not connected to the electrical grid in any way.  This type of system works well for businesses in remote areas that do not have access to utility supplied power. Extra energy is stored in a battery to be used when there is no sunshine to be turned into energy.


Grid-connected system

This is the most common type of solar energy currently in use.  Grid-connected systems primarily use solar energy, but they have a battery backup and electrical grid backup in case there is a need.  This helps the owner be as green as possible while maintaining the security of having a backup energy supply.


Back-up system

In this scenario, a solar system is used as a back-up to utility supplied power.  This is best for areas that have unreliable grid power or frequent power outages.


Why choose solar energy?


Good for the Environment

  • Sunlight is a clean, renewable resource (unlike gas, oil, and coal)
  • Sunlight is easily accessible and untapped
  • Solar energy does not damage the ecosystem
  • Using solar energy indirectly clears the air of toxic pollutants
  • Solar energy does not cause harmful emissions
  • Solar energy has no deadly byproducts



  • Solar Energy can pay for itself in the long run
  • Energy from the sun is essentially free
  • Solar energy is not subject to price increases
  • Financial bonuses may be available from the gov’t for using solar energy
  • Solar Energy has very few reoccurring costs
  • Solar Energy is becoming more price competitive


Low Maintenance

  • Solar panels are easily installed
  • Solar panels require little upkeep
  • With solar panels you are not subject to power outages from utility companies
  • Solar panels operate silently
  • Solar panels provide a long lasting source of energy
  • Additional solar panels are easily added


Good for Economy

  • Solar panels decrease dependence on oil


Why not install solar panels on your business today? Solar power is the economical and environmental solution to today’s energy crisis. Give Northern Electric a call to find out how you can be on your way to using cleaner, greener and more efficient energy.


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Energy Saving Lighting Solutions 

Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), light emitting diodes (LEDs), and high intensity discharge (HIDs) are great energy saving lighting solutions for your home or business. They provide increased efficiency, decreased heat emissions, environmental benefits and are significantly more economical than traditional incandescent light bulbs. CFLs and LEDs are transforming how businesses are being illuminated.


Is your business reaping the benefits of energy efficient lighting?

Whether you are looking to light a factory, a school, a medical facility or retail space, you can save energy by replacing your current lighting with new CFL, LED, HID or fluorescent lighting. Call Northern Electric to find out how you can update and advance your business today.


Benefits of Compact Fluorescent Lighting



CFLs are initially more expensive, but they run on 1/3 the electricity and last up to 10 times longer. Energy efficient bulbs only put out 25% the amount of heat a regular light bulb does, so this makes them safer to use and allows you to cut cooling costs as well.



Compact fluorescent light bulbs use 75% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs and they can last up to 10 times longer.



CFLs can be used almost anywhere you have an incandescent light bulb. They can be used in ceiling fixtures, lamps, track lights, outdoor fixtures, recessed fixtures, dimmers and more.



When you replace one incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb, you prevent an estimated half-ton of CO2 from entering the atmosphere over the life of the light bulb.


Premium Lighting Quality

CFLs give off a warmer light than the cool light of previous fluorescents. In addition, new ballast CFL bulbs don’t flicker or hum. What is not to love about compact fluorescent lights? They can help you increase your efficiency, decrease your energy consumption and help the environment.


Types of CFL Lighting


Spiral Bulbs

These bulbs are the equivalent to a standard incandescent bulb. Spiral CFLs come in similar sizes options of standard incandescent bulbs and they give off a warmer light.


Dimmable Bulbs

Because traditional spiral bulbs are not designed to be used with dimmers, a special kind of CFL had to be created. Dimmable spiral bulbs have the ability to dim between 20-90 percent full light. Dimmable bulbs come in different shapes from the standard spiral type to the flame tip candelabra base type.



This shape can be used in chandeliers, sconces, some ceiling fans and some smaller based lamp fixtures. Make sure that you buy a dimmable candelabra bulb if you are going to hook your fixture up to a dimmer switch.


Triple Tube Bulb

These CFLs have more tubing in a smaller space to create additional light in a shorter bulb. This type of bulb can be used in desk lamps, table lamps and open bulb applications, but not in enclosed or outdoor spaces.


Flood Bulb

These lights are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use. They are also used in track and recessed lighting. CFL flood lamps are used in place of incandescent flood lights and halogen light bulbs.


Globe Bulb

This type of light was created for open spaces like vanity mirrors. This type of light will help you to significantly cut down on generated heat and energy consumption while giving off a soft white light.


Standard Bulb

These lights are spiral bulbs with a dome cover. Standard lights were created to look more like traditional incandescent light bulbs and they give off the soft white light of an incandescent bulb as well.


Benefits of Light Emitting Diodes



LED bulbs can last up to 10 times longer than compact fluorescent light bulbs and 10 to 15 times longer than typical incandescent light bulbs. Also, LED lights only use 1/30 the electricity an incandescent light bulb uses.



LEDs cost more upfront, but they require less maintenance, do not have to be replaced nearly as often and run much more efficiently. In addition, LED lights put out 1/30 the amount of heat an incandescent light bulb emits saving money on cooling costs.



LED lights are not broken as easily as standard incandescent light bulbs or CFLs. Because LED lights are constructed in a solid enclosure, they are able to withstand more bumping and jarring than traditional light bulbs.



LED lights require very little power. Because they require such little power they can easily be run off of generators, solar systems or low voltage systems.



Unlike CFLs, there is no mercury used in the making of LEDs. This makes LEDs safer if they are broken as well as safer for disposal.


Types of LED Lights


Track & Recessed Lights

These LED lights were created specifically to be used on tracks or recessed fixtures. These lights come in standard or pin bases. These lights have a great advantage of not being hot to the touch and run about 90% more efficient than an incandescent bulb.


Diffused Lights

Clusters of LED bulbs make up this dimpled bulb. A diffused LED light is great for lighting up small rooms, hallways, porches, lamps or other spaces where lights remain on for an extended period of time.


Spotlight & Floodlights

These LED lights a diffusing lens to make light appear brighter. LED spotlights and floodlights are great for ceiling lights, display lights, landscape and outdoor lights and motion censored lights.


Benefits of Fluorescent Commercial Lights



Fluorescent light bulbs can be used as overhead lighting in gymnasiums, schools, offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, retail shopping centers, and many other commercial settings.



Fluorescent lights are less expensive to operate than traditional incandescent bulbs because they run at a much cooler temperature. Because of this they do not have to be replaced as frequently and they are safer to use. With fluorescent lights you can cut cooling and electrical costs.



T8 tri-phosphor fluorescent bulbs are 20% more efficient that a typical T8 bulb. A T5 fluorescent bulb produces 45% more light output than a standard T5 and it is the most color accurate fluorescent bulb on the market.



When you replace one incandescent light bulb with a fluorescent light bulb, you prevent unnecessary energy consumption and reduce the amount of waste in landfills because lights run more efficiently and don’t have to be replaced as frequently.


Quality of Light

New fluorescent commercial lights produce a nice, comfortable light that is glare free. They provide brighter more natural light output than traditional fluorescents from the 70’s.


Types of Fluorescent Lights


Super T8

These fluorescent lights are among the most energy efficient. In addition, they run on less mercury than older bulbs. They have consistent light output, are quieter, generate less flickering and produce less heat than standard T12s. These lights are used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings.



These lights can be used for desk lighting, display lighting, indirect lighting, backlighting, task lighting, trade show lighting, medical lighting and more. These lights provide great natural color, have little strike and restrike time, and are very energy efficient.


Benefits of High Intensity Discharge Lights


Light Quality

HID lights provide a natural pure white light and allows for a greater visibility distance. This type of lighting makes it easier to see and to do work.


Energy Efficient

Compared to the average halogen light bulb HID lights consume significantly less power and produce a much stronger and brighter light. HID light are three times more efficient than halogen bulbs.



HID lights will last anywhere from 3 to 8 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs. Because these bulbs last longer maintenance and replacement will occur a lot less frequently. In addition, because of their energy efficiency they can cut operational costs.



HID lights can be used anywhere you are currently using halogen lights or overhead fluorescent lights. HIDs are used for gymnasiums, warehouses, parking lots, standard street lighting, landscape lighting and more.


Types of HID Lights


Mercury Vapor

These lights are commonly used in industrial and outdoor settings. Mercury Vapor HID lights are 3 times more efficient than incandescent lights and even have dimming capabilities with the use of special ballasts. In addition, these lights have a long life and give off a bluish light.


Metal Halide

Metal halide lamps are 2 times more efficient that mercury vapor lights and 6 times more efficient than incandescent lights. These lights have the best color rendering of all the HID lights. Metal halide lights are best used where distinguishing colors is important.


High Pressure Sodium

These lights are one of the most efficient HID lights. High pressure sodium lights are up to seven times more efficient than incandescent lights and give off a golden hued light.


Low Pressure Sodium

Low pressure sodium lights are the most efficient lights commercially available. These lights are very effective in providing uniform lighting across a large area.


Let the experts at Northern Electric provide you with the lights that best suit your needs. We can install, repair, upgrade and replace CFL, LED, HID or fluorescent lights in any commercial setting. To energize and illuminate your space give us a call today!


Commercial Energy Audits  

An energy audit takes a look at how efficiently your business uses energy and shows you ways you can reduce your energy consumption.  Let our service professionals perform a room to room audit to determine ways you can improve your energy efficiency.  Take the first step to assessing how much energy your business consumes with an electrical energy audit by Northern Electric and start saving energy today!


We can help with things like:

  • Power Consumption Meters
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Dimmers, Timers & Sensors
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Power Conditioning Systems
  • Bulb & Ballast Replacement
  • Energy Efficient Lighting


Get the enhanced efficiency you desire while making your business more environmentally friendly.


Ways to Prepare for an Energy Audit  

  • Have a detailed floor plan with all rooms/areas clearly labeled
  • General details of the building including address, type, orientation and function
  • Full details on construction specification
  • Have a list of the types of fans, heat recovery systems, or generators used.
  • Have a copy of your past electrical bills
  • Have a list of existing problems or areas you think need specific attention
  • Have a list of areas or items you would not mind updating


Based upon the physical condition of your business, its energy efficiency and the comfort level you desire we will come up with a new plan to help you save money on your electricity.  We can help you get more stable temperatures, improve your lighting quality, reduce unnecessary energy consumption and increase the safety of your business while making it more functional and stylish.


Call Northern Electric today to find out how. Your roadmap to energy efficiency is only a phone call away!


Wireless Lighting Controls  

Northern Electric is committed to providing high quality, energy efficient, and user friendly lighting solutions. One of the newest lighting solutions is wireless lighting controls. Wireless lighting controls are a great way to save money while being environmentally conscious. They allow you to wirelessly control lighting and small appliances throughout your business. They are very convenient for board rooms, retail display areas, presentation rooms and offices. Imagine using a hand held remote to control overhead lighting, presentations, projector screens, small appliances, outdoor lighting, AND holiday lighting. Imagine being able to time when your lights will turn on and off during the day. Envision being able to dim the lights down low or turn them up to full strength whenever you wanted. Picture a light that was smart enough to know when you entered and exited a room and turned the light on and off automatically. How cost efficient and beneficial would that be?


Everyone can benefit from wireless lighting controls. It is convenient, efficient, economical, and provides an element of safety and security.

  • Do you want rooms to only be lit when they are in use?
  • Do you wish you could turn building lights on or off from the convenience of a remote?
  • Do you wish the bathroom light would turn on automatically when you entered?
  • Do you wish that your security lights had sensors and would light up with movement?
  • Do you wish that you could preset your lamps, or lights to come on at a specific time?
  • Do you wish you could set mood lighting to increase sales?
  • Do you wish you set multiple appliances for presentations with the click of a button?


You don’t have to wish anymore. Being able to control your lights when you want is no longer a dream, it is a reality.


Call Northern Electric to find out how you can get wireless lighting control in your business today!


Lighting Control Stations

Allow you to control a variety of whole-building lighting scenes from one central control station. They give you the ability to create a variety of lighting schemes with one easy touch of the button.  Different scenes can be accessed by remote as well as the keypad.  Lighting control stations make it easy to set the mood for whatever the occasion or time of day without walking through the whole building to set every individual light.



What an easy way to reduce your energy consumption.  Timers can be used either indoor or outdoor.  They are great for outdoor lighting, holiday lighting, and to leave preset for everyday functionality.  Timers provide convenience and safety while saving you energy and money.


Room Occupancy Sensors

Enable lights to come one whenever motion is detected and turn off when motion ceases. Motion sensors are especially useful in bathrooms, break rooms and boardrooms. Room occupancy sensors are yet another great way to save energy and money.



Give you the ability to intimately control your lighting system.  Lighting dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of the light to meet each individuals needs.  You may want to dim the lights for presentations or you may want to brighten the lights to see better while working.  Dimmers affect the warmth, depth, and ambiance of the room while providing energy efficiency. Dimmers can be used in many rooms like:  the show room, break room, bedroom, bathroom or office.  Dimmers are a quick and easy way to make a big difference in the visual presentation of your building or store.